Crazy Cows™ Slot Machine Game to Play Free in Playn Gos Online Casinos

Crazy Cows™ Slot Machine Game to Play Free in Playn Gos Online Casinos

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Had I not been I always would fold pocket 22 Seat 8: TaDealt to ——ME [2d 2c] tombeacon: Taking 4th in prize money. I have yet to win a hand played against the chip leader when I am all in with him.

You all know even if you were just hoping to get lucky and suck out just once, it most likly would happen sooner or later. Remember them and see if you see the same thing I am seeing.

Look for the program traps. Spot them and try to avoid them. There are many other things you need to pick up as to program, In short playing great poker on line at any of these sites is not good enough.

And avoid its BS Traps. Dealt to —ME [Ac 6c] pokerpitchen: Table short stack pushes and wins with a flush.

Still think they are ramdom? Summing this up I have posted above just a few hands of the many I could have posted. I have been on both ends of these hands.

I won many pushes as the table short stack even when I had the worst of it going in. I have called some of these pushes losing the hand with the best going in.

I made 3 calls with pocket aces only to have them crushed by a st8 or flush or two pair. I have also folded pocket aces, kings, queens, jacks, ak, to these pushs and was glad I did.

I would have helped to chipped these players up. Now lets not forget the table chip leaders who often sucks out when you have him beat.

But if he has you beat going in, you will not suck out and take the hand from him. Funny thing just happened as I am typing this post, I am also playing a tourney.

I am the table short stack look what happens Dealt to pittbulljim [Th Jc] xantilius: Popcorn big blind folded before Flop Seat 3: Ok lets sum this up.

In my eyes YES, How about yours. Have my posts help you to see the light? Can you win playing online Yes, But you will only win what the program will let you win.

AND no more than that. Not in my eyes. Do short stacks and chip leaders have an advanage? I have played poker live for over 20 years,i have played on most of the sites.

I kept a very open mind for along time as to whether or not the rumours of a rigged game were true,infact i strongly leaned towards them not being rigged.

Since that time a few years ago and having played many hours online mostly on pokerstars i have come to the conclusion that they are indeed rigged.

I am so convinced of this that nothing could change my mind. Nobody is saying that every 10th card will be an ace or some kind of pattern like that,ofcourse they could not predict what card is coming next, as it can be determined as needed by the software.

These companies are indeed motivated by greed,they are unregulated,based in a banana republic and answer to nobody. If you play online keep the sites guessing by not giving all of your buisness to one site,make them want to keep you happy,or everyone boycott them for a month and see what happens…good luck!

Man i saw this dude and he went all in ok you following me and he had 22 and he gets called by ak jq 9 10 7 8 and 34 and he loses to two pair aces and kings well the pair of deuces was the best hand and it lost man this is so rigged i dont see how he lost i mean he had a pair of deuces.

Okay I think some poker rooms are rigged Full Tilt because I had pocket Qs and I get called by two players and one had pockets 7s and the other had and on the river of all cards to come out is a 7?!

What are the odds of that really? Another time I had A and flopped the nuts straight Ace high and the flop was rainbow I go all in and get called the player had Q-8 of diamonds and he caught runner runner for a flush!

ALL, yes all the poker sites are rigged. Rigged for them the owners not exactly. They are rigged to keep you constantly putting money in.

They make money either way!!! Full Tilt is the biggest joke and they should be ashamed for their crap software and miracle hands seen. As a matter of fact, Full tilt should be sued, prosecuted for fraud, and their owners shot!

AP is right behind them. Heck, they have an investigation into millions stole by there OWN people. Blowdog is another joke of a site and just as many bad beats there.

K of spades giving you a straight but your opponent a flush. I believed that poker wasnt fixed but does any one else think that their loses AND wins follow a pattern and the quality of your session is decided as soon as you sit down???

PS I made a bundle on fulltilt when i first opened the account while waiting 10 months for a free gift to arrive. Hand history tell me that my pocket pair of aces are as good as my 83????

The fact of the matter is that the method used to determine hands is nothing even remotely close to what the players understand it to be. In order to understand what online poker is, we must understand from where it comes and how it came about.

It did not arise as a result of demand by poker players for alternative venues. Up to that point, poker was NOT popular in the U.

There was no need to create an online version of an activity that very few people were interested in. And THIS is what online poker was intended to simulate.

The task given to the programmers was to create something with the same excitement level and action aspects of the TV POKER product that attracted people in the first place.

Hence, when it looks like A5 is beating AK more than, say 1 time out of 4 — this is why. The reasons why the process would NOT be different — the reasons people give — are all ridiculous.

I have posted on other forums and will hear if need be. I also can explain the manner in which hands are decided and dealt. Hence, when it looks like A5 outflops AK only to be turned or rivered more then 1 time in 10 — this is why.

If you have same results ask why is that? An independent source would be some thing like last years history available to buy for normal people. If you are a IT student like me may be you know that you only had to define some function to favour the poker site statistically.

It is possible and very easy for a student for company they can change there algorithms every week point no.

Skilled people themselves can not earn that much because of lack of resources. Yes I agree with Captain Truth, online poker is designed or programmed to excite the players and the audience.

It is rigged or fashioned so. It is a big time and big profit entertainment business. So, you limit the amount of money a player starts with.

Then, you increase the amount of the blinds to the point where it creates action by a player regardless of the down cards.

You have a play by play, so to speak, to excite the TV audience. And you do it all in a classy place. Perhaps a passing fad. But, in the meantime…. Free online poker sites gives a person basic training and experience.

It also provides a continuous supply of tournament players. Thank you Brian Elizardo from massachussetts come play me at foxwoods and ill take your pocket aces and take your whole bankroll in the process.

Last night my wife wanted to learn to play poker. We played heads up. In the first 10 hands I was dealt pocket kings. According to my advice she called with a suited ace and we saw a flop.

The flop came down 2d 4d Kd. She bet and I raised and she re-raised and I called. I figured she hit the flush and I was in trouble.

The turn came 4c. She bet huge and I re-raised her all in. She called right away and I told her that she had really bad luck when she flipped Ad 3d because a nut flush is an amazing hand but I caught a full house.

The river was the 5d. She won with a miracle straight flush in her first ten hands of playing poker against my kings full. I took that deck of cards and tore them in half and burned them because clearly that deck was rigged.

In any small sample and even theoretically in a bigger sample the results can be terribly skewed. Most of our sample sizes are statistically insignificant.

Maybe one million flips would be very close to Our memory is even more statistically insignificant since we seem to only remember the bad hands.

I swear just last night I won with pocket aces 3 times. I think big Phil from Pokerstars lays down an excellent challenge. I love a good dare. Someone do it, blow this whole thing wide open.

Good luck with that. Do you think everyone who plays poker, plays for a living. The fact that you play high limit poker will give you bigger wins.

But a win is a win. If it a dollar or ten. Any way I still stand on my ground and that is to say these sites are controling outcome of hands. And yes badbeats, Badbeats are part of the game.

However I am not taking about a bad beat happening. I telling you when they will happen. What does he provide as proof???

Why do you have to keep answering the question??? Yes Marc, That is correct. Though I was a relative beginner, I now have a lot of experience in most variants of the game.

I analyse all hand hisories using odds calculators like twodimes. I only play micro stakes, and am a winning player for what it is worth at cash, sngs, and touneys.

I love poker, and manage to navigate these improbable mathematical minefields for a profit, but I feel like a mug for giving these businesses my money in rake.

THis is a email i sent to JOker stars and Ultimate bet after the bs that happened to me. Why I ask why?

We will be happy to address your concerns if you write to us in a courteous manner, without the use of foul language.

Lol these mother fkn scubags cheat me outta 30 K and want to be courteous fuck them. If even one small part of any online site is rigged it is one part to many.

People who play micro are putting money up just as well as players who play higher limits. They should receive a hornest deal and not a rigged deal.

Maybe one day the USA will open up to online poker and players will get a fair deal. But as for now all I see is rigged or controled play.

No way in hell are these sites dealing ramdom cards. And if they are it is your hold cards ONLY. If I could give proof to this I would.

All I can give you is my word as to what I see happening on poker stars. And I will stand by it percent. It is up to you to take it or leave it.

I will also add yes I have won and cashout winnings but I still stand by what I say. Do you think they did not understand they need to let you win one in awhile.

Ill say this online poker is weird i barely play online anyore i still have 6k in my stars account that i havent touched in almost 4mos now idk it just doesent appeal to ma any more ive read so munch shit and theres just way way way to many bad players online.

Hell NO Fuck that i have a system for online poker and doesent require me spending more then bucks a session now what i easily can afford.

I now mostly am i live cash game player, mostly at foxwoods and atlantic city but did enjoy vegas a couple weeks ago what a difference the style of play is out there compared to up here.

And secondly guys holdem is not the most popular game in te world for nothing theres a reason behind it Lets say for ex you at a 9 person table playing.

Now if the cards come right then say hello to your car payment for the month but if they come wrong then your screwed i dont care how good u are u cant beat a hitparade of non stop flushes, str8s, sets runner runner bs, two outtes and all that bologna we have come to know as bad beats.

See this is why we beleave online poker is rigged because in holdem your advantage is not as big as u think no matter how good u are when the little fish are catching all day for 4 hours str8 theres nothing u can do but say bye bye to your money.

So in closing guys Online poker May or May not be rigged I agree some of the way hands go down is really suspect. But its also alot to do with the players.

So I hope this makes up for My asshole post but i stand by that one as well. Do with this knowledge what you will but i am a very good player and have been making atleast a month playing poker for the past 3 years str8.

As an engineer for Intel, I can tell you that the so called random number generator RNG is not truly random. It is a computer software program that has been structured to simply run like any other program.

It has merely been updated to run on the Internet. If you really want to get better at online poker, check out ebay, flea markets and garage sales.

Find an old copy of any Sierra card game and just play with it. Pay attention to the patterns and sequences as you play, take notes on how the cards fall etc.

The above is a copy and pasted, I found this in a web site. Note the part where he states pay attention to the patterns and sequences.

I can tell you for a fact there are patterns if you look for it you to will find them. Monday, May 19, , 1: This is one of them.

Mon, 31 Mar Everone that says online poker is not rigged used to use the reason that these sites would not do that because they alredy make enough money,well did any of you read about absolute poker,and ultimate bet they are owned by the same people they have both now been caught commiting insider cheating,google cheating at ultimate bet.

I received an email very similar to the one above from pokerstars. To date, approximately 1 year later, i have not received the hand histories i was promised.

My issue had absolutely nothing to do with taking bad beats. What i had noticed was that in some of the low-end sit-and-go tourneys there were certain scenarios recurring at decisive moments that appeared to me to defy the odds.

Whilst I am sure it is being employed at its high-end tables, where the possibility of detection is much higher, along with the stakes involved for all parties, i do believe that it takes liberties with its lower stakes tables and tourneys, where the potential for detection is very unlikely.

Particularly, i believe that the low-stakes sit-and-gos and tourneys are rigged in order to regulate their average run-times.

I ask anyone to simply check the data on these run-times and to ask themselves: The trick is when you are playing online poker hour after hour day after day, the human being gets a gut feeling of things.

And the flop was Q J And that was after losing time and time again. That was beyond belief. I rang and demanded my account be closed.

All online poker sites are rigged. I dont play at them any more. Went to play it only today and lost it all in 15 mins.

Lost 99 to 10 10, then 55 to 66 then AA to two pair. This is not a coincidence. As soon as you win, you then proceed to lose it all. The players that you see always winning are planted there falsely by the site, and I have played on many sites.

It is like any other gambling or get rich quick idea. You get sucked in and then lose everything. I am just so foolish for taking so long to realise.

Not all sites i rigged i thinck. Stay away from it. The fact is all sites are controling the play. I went against my word and made 3 more small deposits in poker stars.

The following is what took place. As you read please note I know alot about the program as what to play and who too play.

My first deposit I came over my deposit a few dollars and cashed out. I played tight and avoided both the chip leaders as well as short stacks. I folded a lot of big first rank hands to include pocket ACES.

Yes Folded Pocket Aces pre flop. The reason being a raise from a short stack or the chip leader and it paid off. I hit the final table in two tourneys finishing third in one and fourth in a second.

Now about my third deposit, I made this deposit 3 weeks ago. So you can see I did a lot of winning on these tables. I can tell you if you go on these sites and play the way you would in a casino all you will do is bust out and re-deposit when you do go bust.

Even knowing as much as I do about this bullshit program It is still hard to win any large money. If I would have won the hands i should have that being without the program deciding the outcome, I sure would have cashed out a hell of a lot more money then I have to date.

Funny thing is my total winning since I have been play comes to almost 4K, And that sucks when you see how much you won and only cashed out a few hundred.

The reason I only cashed out so little is because they also control your bank roll. This being they will only let you get so high above your desposit, Then you lose to go back below the deposit.

It is nothing more then a rollercoaster ride. Up and down for over 21 days and logging in a lot of hours.

Dropping a few cents at a time into their bank accounts. Now times that by thousands of players doing the same thing.

I will be back to add to this post at a lated date as I need to go now. Before I go let me just say If you play you will pay. Who calls stacking the deck fair other then the stacker.

All you have to do is play online poker for 7 or 8 years like I have and you know it s not random cards. The pattern is if you win 2 or 3 tournaments you sure as hell are going to lose for a long while until they put you back on the win list again, then you will win 2 or 3, then repeat, over and over again.

If you get a royal flush on Pokerstars, you re not going to win for a month It s referred to as the Royal Flush Curse by players who know.

The same cards play over and over again. I have been accused by players as being a Pokerstars employee when I was on one of Pokerstars super hot streak beating everyone with one bad beat after another.

Other times I have been accused of not being able to play when I have been on a super bad streak. It just amazes me that more can t see through these sites.

The first time I looked on the interenet,, 7 years ago, no one believed they were bogas, but now, finally, I see tons of sites and players that believe what I have said all along.

Even if you pick up on the program you will still lose if they want you to lose the hand. The cards will hit based on your hand and your opponents hand.

So you are screwed all togetter. They may have been thinking doing this is a fair way for weak and strong players to win, However if this is the case, it is unfair.

To set the play based on anything is to rig and if the game is rigged why play. Would you go to a Casino if you knew the dealer was stacking the deck?

Only to take bad beat after bad beat. Sick and tired of theses scamming son of a bitches. Every time i see a advertisement of one of theses sites on t.

I live in Canada. Half the time these reservations are getting busted for huge amounts of illegal drugs and weapons. We are the biggest fools ever.

Just dumping are money like cows to the slaughter. I played at party poker for two years then after horrible bad beat i started talking about there bs site to other players and the closed my account and stopped emailing me.

Poker stars is a riot. How are we letting theses sites off the hook. Paying good live game players to act as if there legit to induce more people to dump money.

I watched poker after dark with three pro live players and three online cash game winners. How do they even win online cause they are picked and promoted to save a glimmer of hope that these sites are legit.

Everybody looking to scam everybody. Its time we all stopped crying about it and do something. Its about time the average joe starts doing the fuking.

Most of you are missing the point here. As the letter states, given a sufficiently large sample of hands, you can extrapolate with a high degree of precision whether or not the sample is a random.

You can easily see if data has been fudged. The distribution curve will be skewed in some way if the sample is anything but random. They grossly misled investors.

The same dynamic applies here. The site is paying the agencies directly so an automatic conflict of interest arises.

At a minimum this should arouse suspicion. Another thought is who is vouching for the auditors? Further, what is to say that the software that is being audited is the one they use.

Do you suppose they could add one line of code after the auditors finish? They are all code and internet technicians.

What is the end game? In this business model lets give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they wanted acceptence in the U. Going public is where the real big money is in this deal.

Early on I think they realized that would never get approval and now its a multi-billion dollar cash grab. This is assumimg they they were initially out to run a straight business and got lost on the way, which is a huge assumption.

Razor, a point of logic states that the most obvious reason or answer is most likely true. Especially considering the business model is finite.

Every sites replies more or less to all complaints of collusion, or the RNG or BOT play or card rigging in this general manner as far as I can see.

There are lots of different points to address here but firstly remember one thing. When was the last time you saw a group of irate card players at the Bellagio, or Borgata card rooms screaming that the game is somehow rigged?

Now private side games in rented facitlites at various casinos are more dubious. Statistical variance is harder to pin down and is the Poker sites best friend in explaining lots of what players complain about.

Juicy exotic starting hands and flops crazy outcomes. Not once but with regularity. Unfortunatley it is impossible to really determine a statistical anomoly with only the data the the sites are willing to provide.

One would need millions of hands, all the hands played, folded, won lost over a long period of time and a true cross section of all levels of play, all types of games, reall money and play money they should be the same.

This complete set of data is almost never available. If you detected that there had occured, say 3 or 4 more flushes in a tounament that had, say 10, hands played, that would constitiute a HUGE anomoly.

You would not be able to detect this fact without complete hand data for the entire tourney. For a couple of reasons they are not in the habit of giving this data out to the public.

I think if they did though, the argument would be over. Even with that data it would still be difficult to prove wrongdoing…therein lies the rub.

If you win in a live casino and lose online that is a small scale anomoly worth pondering. There are huge blogs filled with personal stories and long term subjective experiences related here and other site worth considering.

Bad play is rampant and complicates the matter but I think it help confuse the issue to the advantage of the sites assuming the ARE cheating to such a great extent calling down with crazy weak hands and making the on 4th or the river is one example that is should be put aside to a great extent because we can get wmired in a cirular argument wch never returns to the root question.

A certain number of players are allowed to win primarily through computer assist and the sites use shills or bots most likely shills to play into the money thereby reducing the total payouts.

It could greatly enhance the income of the sites in questions. Which i beleive they do not publish. No annual corporate statements or financial disclures from these sites to my knowlegde.

I think there is clear and continuing evidence , as well as abundant reason and opportunioty to defraud that it must be so.

In the last two weeks This is the second time this happen to me with pocket tens vs Ace Jack. A few hands later quad Queens take me out.

This is one of the traps you can not aviod. A program set to take you out. SJAC07 in chips Seat 5: Marasg89 in chips Seat 9: I have read lots of these blogs and most people are fond of relating their experiences — many of which, believe me, I share and agree with what these experiences are making them feel about online poker being rigged.

Just to satisfy those who want to hear about commonly shared experiences: I have seen all of the above in just a few months of playing online poker, and in several sites, primarily pokerroom, party, and PS.

I started in pokerroom, and after a small deposit I won several hundred dollars playing micro stakes in just a few sessions.

And I won consistently for about two weeks, long enough that I felt that I could reasonably conclude that this was not coincidence, or just good luck, I must actually be good at this, I had just discovered a hidden talent.

I would also like to make this disclaimer to Brian above — yes, I know I am a fish, a donk, a moron, etc. Secondly, he says it is not rigged, and then goes on to explain exactly how it IS rigged.

The poker sites are run more as a video game than a casino-type gambling activity. The sites have huge and growing databases of possible hands that can be dealt, many of which are innocuous, but a certain percentage of which are engineered to cause increased betting levels in that hand by giving good hole cards and favorable flops to several players, but which control the most probable winner.

Furthermore, I think that players are rated on one or more indices, for example 1. How new they are to the site 5. Then depending on how many players are sitting at a table, what are the stakes and game type, where the deal and blinds are, what are the ratings of the players at each position, and how many chips or how much money each one has, hands are chosen from the database of possible hands, a certain percentage of which are known to generate a favourable outcome for the house on a table in that configuration.

The desired outcome may vary from one scenario to another, but the juiced action could have many beneficial effects for the site, including 1.

Putting good players into a tilt state so that they will bet more increased rake and eventually lose and have to redeposit 3. New players can be given artificial good luck to start the addiction process 6.

Deposit bonuses can be clawed back from the players 7. At least at the higher stakes levels. I have observed myself that the lower the stakes you play, the more hilarious the deals become.

I suggest that the real game code could be a massive array, such that if it were printed in point courier, could cover a whole football field. And with no meaningful regulatory presence in the world of online poker compared to real casinos, no one will ever see the real code anyways.

While on average, almost everyone has to and with gambling addiction being so ubiquitous and relentless, is compelled to re-deposit to keep playing.

This is how I believe the site makes most of their money. First of all, I believe that by rigging the outcome of certain hands, they increase their profitability, probably by an order of magnitude or greater.

But secondly, and much more importantly, I think that by far the most money deposited into the sites is from the repeat business of relatively new, lower stakes players who have been sucked in by the false success that they are offered initially, and the ongoing success they have with the hands engineered to assure this.

If the playing field were not leveled the sites would very quickly fill up with card sharks and above average hobbyists, at all stakes levels.

Even if you could somehow attract beginners to the site, they would by and large lose their first deposit quickly, decide that online poker was a waste of money, and that would be the end of it.

Without lots of fishies hanging around to reel in, the better players would also be less interested in playing. I know that in my own experience, if I had lost my first ever online poker deposit without experiencing initial success I would never have made a second deposit.

And in a fair game that was not rigged to allow me to win, I would have had no business winning hundreds of dollars in the first couple of weeks — remember I was a beginner, barely even knew the rules of Holdem poker.

By whose definition and under the laws of what country? Not only that, people working for the poker sites would only know about all the details of the game code on a need-to-know basis, and probably only a few at the very top would know everything that is going on.

Also, people working their way up in the organization would be progressively indoctrinated into the corporate philosophy: The answer is yes. Online poker is one big scam.

If you watch and everyhand is showed down you will see that someone has aces at least ten times out of hands. They juice up the action for rake. Deny it if you want, but its the truth.

Countless sets up against the nut straight on the flop and they lose to the flush draw. The AP scandal and then the UB scandal SHOULD be enough to make you quit but yet you want to live in a fantasy land because you played on their site for a year and cashed out bucks 1 year of playing.

Yeah your right it cant be fixed, they arent going to reward you bucks for earning them 10, dollars of rake to keep you hooked into playing.

Shoot id give you dollars for making me dollars. We are in the most technically advanced age ever and they found an edge and are exploiting it.

Play live poker for 1 hour. I challenge you and then play online for 20 min and you can see the difference. What are the odds of playing heads up poker and running into a royal flush when your opponet holds a J-3o?

They pick accounts to be winners, it has nothing to do with the skill of the player, odds mean nothing in online poker. They favor the bigstacks in tournaments.

When the bigstack plays trash and keeps winning and never losing any coinflips being the underdog out 10 flips that means the coin has only one side!!!

Why defend that bs when it happens in every tournament!!! I stopped making deposits over a year ago and i suggest you do the same. I first got started on a major pokersite.

Soon after, I went on a horrible streak. Lost countless times with premium hands like AA and KK, usually in all-in pots. Soon, my bankroll was gone.

After a long break, I made a small deposit again at this very same site. Then it was like they flipped a switch. So I went to another site.

This new site offered blackjack as well. Then again, I started losing all- in pots with premium hands till I was back where I started.

So I decided to try their blackjack. Then they flipped the blackjack switch. The dealer started getting 20 or 21 almost every hand and then that was gone.

The bottom line is these sites let everyone have success at first to get them hooked. Then when they take your money you think it was just bad luck because you won before, so you make another deposit.

Poker games have to be rigged to help the donkeys in poker. If they would bust out on those all-in pots like they should most of the time, they would leave the room.

Without donkeys, poker rooms could not survive financially. With the amounts of money involved and greed being a constant in human behavior.

I say we would all be quite naive to think that poker sites are all honest. Many ways to accompolish stealing and have it go undetected.

Just ask Bernie Madoff about that! There is no dout online poker is not so much rigged but rigged for action , early deposits early win… after a while u lose, thats how it works.

Think like this for a min…. Heres the 6th quads i saw that night… That was the last time i played online poker. Not even pocket aces could have beaten me on that hand.

The 6 was the only card that he most certainly had to have 2 handed. Justelis big blind folded before Flop Seat 4: Wow Tomas I feel your pain.

Or was it luck he hits the turn? Can I tell you how many times I have been there. Its a king, That right he hit runner runner to take the win.

I pushed all in on the turn thinking he had AX and would make the call. He did, and he did what I wanted him to do. After the hand was over a player typed the following into the chat box.

Funny how the case king hit, WOW! Only think that am so unlucky because of how often this happens. You win only when it is your time to win, And they say when that will be.

In tourneys it is based on chip count and not the best hand or player. Because a good player watchs and would pick up on it.

Once more online poker is not about playing great poker. It is more about playing against the software.

And that means playing your real opponent the site who in fact owns the software and is the winning player all the time.

Lets look at a few things, Ask yourself this question. All Soups, including our famous Tomato Soup, are made from scratch.

Voted best milkshakes in Missoula for 14 straight years. Monday - Sunday 8a. Try our homemade soups, pizzas, and specials. Extensive menu, vegetarian options and many soup options as well including Vietnamese style pho, Tom Yum, wonton and more.

Wok-ee Mountain Asian Restaurant is perfect for take out or dine in. Join us for lunch if you'd like. Higgins Celebrating 37 years of great coffees and teas.

Our cafe features homemade soups, fresh salads, and coffee ice cream specialties. Our smooth and creamy ice cream is made fresh daily using our secret recipe.

Come in for our weekday specials. Get Gift Cards any time. Treat yourself to a 10minute vacation at Cold Stone Creamery.

Enjoy international flavors from baci di dama to pizzelles, gourmet cupcakes, scones and decadent cinnamon rolls.

Specialty breads hot and fresh between 3 and 5pm daily. Sugar skulls for Dia de los Muertos! Several more baked options and the finest espresso available.

Please find our goods at the finest grocers across Missoula. Saturday , Sunday , MondayFriday Across from the U of M campus. We arrived home late, in the dark.

I parked so the headlights shone across the chicken yard, helping me avoid cacti when I shut the coop.

But the lights missed the rattlesnake lying in my path. Its buzzing tail and hissing breath combined into a sound like a helicopter taking off.

I made the sound of a shrieking kid. My hens were unusually silent in their coop. Eggs are a favorite rattlesnake food, and perhaps it was after those eggs.

But what was weird about the situation was that the snake was in the same place as where I dumped the body of the first rattlesnake.

Shorty spotted the first snake in the tomato patch, where she was harvesting. It was a young snake, sleeping in the shade.

When she told me about it, my eyes rolled back a little. I grabbed my square-point shovel grimly, with zero tolerance in my heart for rattlesnakes in the garden.

A better man would have just captured the snake and moved it to safer turf. I used the shovel blade to pin the snake into the ground right behind its head, and finished with a machete.

Green Tea Tasting Saturday, Oct. The broad and robust squash leaves have curled and turned black, although the squash itself looks fine.

Is it time to be extra blue because I lost my squash too? I reached over the fence and grabbed my squarepoint shovel. I held the shovel toward the snake, and it struck quicker than my eyes could see.

I felt the hit, heard the ping of fangs on the blade, and immediately bolted to the top of the chicken coop. I hopped off the coop, keeping my eyes on the snake as I backed toward the fence, where I picked up a grapefruit-sized rock and whipped it at the snake, nailing it.

It hissed louder, uncoiled and re-coiled itself. Shorty collected more rocks and handed them to me over the fence. I threw rocks until the snake began moving more slowly.

Then I moved in with the shovel for an ugly finish. I put the snake on the grill, too. We devoured our green chile burgers and picked at the snake.

The taste was good, sort of like chicken. But each little mouthful was a lot of work, because the layer of flesh around the bones was so thin.

Eating it this way was tasty but slightly painstaking. I got a pot of water going, and simmered the snake in hopes of coaxing off the remaining meat.

I strained the water, teased apart flesh from bones, and ended up with about half a cup of snake meat. In the land around our house, prickly pear cactus fruit were ripe and purple.

Prickly pear fruits are juicy, and covered with annoying short fuzzy spines that hook into your skin and hang on tenaciously. I scraped the fruits clean with a butter knife under the faucet while the snake scraps baked at degrees in a castiron skillet.

When the prickly pear fruits were clean I added them to the skillet. After about 25 minutes they started to collapse, and I added whole garlic cloves, stirring occasionally until the garlic softened.

Then I turned off the oven and left the dish inside to keep warm. The prickly pear fruits, sweet and perfumy, were the highlight of the dish.

The garlic cloves were also spectacular, as was the rattlesnake, which still tasted like chicken. It was crispy and dry at this point, nicely balanced by the pungent garlic and the tart sweetness of cactus fruit.

This was the best that snake had tasted. The girls avoided the body, which sank into the dirt in front of the rock beneath which the new snake was now cursing its forked tongue at me.

The first snake, being asleep, was easy. But the new one was ready to rumble. Some growers do it outside on. Cover the curing squash at night just in case.

They can also be cured inside at room temperature. The ones with rotten spots should be eaten right away, while the clean ones should be periodically inspected and culled.

Send your food and garden queries to flash flashinthepan. Aspen Hospice of Montana is currently looking for volunteers to help offer comfort, pain relief and emotional support for those who are near the end of their lives.

Call Lois at Heidi Meili Gordon Lightfoot decides s glam shots are still the best way to promote his sleek brand of Canadian folk when he plays the University Theatre Sat.

Call for pricing. Call PLAY or visit www. Those revelations will hit Missoula on Monday night during a simultaneous global reading of The Laramie Project: Teresa Waldorf, join 10 other professionals and students for the performance.

Once they grace the stage, be ready to travel into the minds of Laramie locals, some of whom refuse to call the incident a hate crime. Breakdance, slamdance or just inventively dance when your 7- to 8 year-old checks out Creative and Modern Movement, a dance class at 4: Wiggle those hips and strike poses of elegant expression when former UM dance prof Amy Ragsdale leads a beginning to intermediate Modern Dance class at the Downtown.

Dance Collective, W. Get your classical music fix in Ronan earlier in the night before you head to see the Cascade Quartet during a casual reception for the quartet which features wine, appetizers and solo performances by members from 5: Gain some insight into early detection and increased awareness of breast cancer during the lecture Issues of Breast Cancer Survivorship at 5: Missoula gets to revisit the glory of student revelry in the s during.

Celebrate a new addition to UM with others during a grand opening ceremony for the Phyllis J. Connect your mind and soul to whatever diety you deem divine during a taize chanting circle with Rev.

Jennifer Hackenbruch and Erin Barnes the second and fourth Thu. Has the deepening recession dampened your aspirations? Feeling too straight and separate?

Things might get just a little emotional and slightly alternative when California emo rockers Secondhand Serenade croon a tune at the Wilma Theatre at 7 PM.

Th e Audition, Evan Taubenfeld and Rust open. You just might do the push, whip or the jitterbug-lindy when Cathy Clark slings beginning swing dance lessons every Thu.

Rock some sweet fiddle solos and bust a move while others shred without use of an amp during Old Timey Music Sessions at Free Cycles, S.

Bring yer guitar, bass or other instrument of choice every Thu. Harrier, when it holds an open-mic style artists showcase at 8 PM.

Interested musicians should Call Higgins Ave, and runs each night until Oct. See Scope in this issue. Bowling and karaoke go together like country and techno during Solid Sound Karaoke at Westside Lanes at 8: Sorry ladies, but Thu.

Bassackwards Karaoke turns your world underside-up every Thu. See Noise in this issue. See a plethora of patterns and colors after a few pitchers, and muster up the courage to belt out some classics too, and perhaps win a prize, during Kaleidoscope Karaoke every Tue.

Dance with a cougar or two, or not,. Cross your karaoke sword with others under the influence of that music box you sing along to during Combat DJ and Karaoke nights, this and every Thu.

Call or Did I need to tell you that? Toddlers always learn a thing or two from books like Chronic City by Jonathan Letham at Toddler Story Time, which includes age appropriate stories of course , from ATM rules available at MoClub.

Thinking about Graduate School? Concerned about social justice? Interested in making a difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities?

For more infor mation contact the MSW office. Call or send an e-mail to janet. See Agenda in this issue. Learn to simmer down a bit when you fly off the handle at your kid during Anger Management for Parents, where Brad Boylan will discuss strategies to manage and identify the source of your anger from noon—2 PM at Families First, E.

RSVP by calling A Cultural Exhibition with a Second Friday reception at 5: So snare yourself to Pursa-palooza, a debut show of purses from Jen E.

Teen Challenge Montana wants to thank you for your support this year for its faith-based, long-term substance abuse recovery program with Blind Spots, a dinner and mini-theater production starting at 6: Call Barry Peterson at Get a little complex and intimate with others on the dance floor when Patrick Marsolek and Grace Hodges lead Tango Night!

Can you spit out the best rhymes and stanzas? Find out during auditions for a poetry slam at 7 PM at S. Winners move on to a poetry slam competition at the Palace on Oct.

Intended for mature audiences. The Lifers aim to prioritize your life goals by shooting some chords through your ears when they play the Eagles Lodge, South Ave.

Opening support from The Raquet and Infernal Machine. He lives to spin: Your heart, the planet and your farmer-neighbors give thanks every Sat. Free to spectate, and often to sample.

Steep in the smells of apple cider, caramel apples, apple butter and just about anything apple related during the 30th Annual McIntosh Apple Day at the Ravalli County Museum, Bedford St.

They buck trends and still deliver the artistic goods: Your bedtime tales of college-age debauchery fall a little short of the mark.

Family Storytime offers engaging experiences like stories, fingerplays, flannel-board pictograms and more at 11 AM at the Missoula Public Library.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase. Big Trouble at noon at the museum, N. Contour, gesture and modeled drawing techniques keep the fingers of your child busy with a variety of drawing media like charcoal and pen as Feather Sherman leads the final installment of Kids Saturday Drawing Club from 1—3 PM at the Missoula Art Museum, N.

Call or email bethann mudproject. Interested in soaking your creative juices into the next Shantytown?

Higgins, at 4 PM. See the beauty of Montucky as captured through the lense of photographer Jake Wallis during a reception of his work at the Wall Gallery on the main floor of Wall Street Place, Wall St.

Call or e-mail holly zootownarts. We are also accepting a limited number of new patients. Specializing in cancer, oncology, HIV, female hormonal issues and more.

Medicaid Spend-Down Provider Ask about our veteran's program. Medicated diabetic baked goods available.

Opening support from The Lion. Be thankful that the Iran Contra scandal has nothing to do with an upcoming Contra folk dance in Kalispell, which features music by Barbara Calm and Friends along with callings form Mark Mathews from 7: Call Joe at The dance floor of the Downtown Dance Collective, W.

Get locked up and your aural senses beautifully chopped up when The Lifers take the stage of the Eagles Lodge, South Ave. Solid Sound Karaoke proves that music can also be a liquid or a gas, but never plasma, at Westside Lanes at 8: The Frenchtown Club, Demers St.

Turn south after taking exit 89 from I Birds Mile Home and Wartime Blues open. Soak up presentations, discussions and networking opportunities with those interested in business and real estate during the Fourth Annual Conference on Real Estate and Development in the Northern Rockies, which starts with pre-conference tours at TBA times and locations on Oct.

Kathianne Lewis spreads a spiritual message for your viewing pleasure at the Carriage House in Hamilton, N.

Call Barb at Hook yourself into the minds of three artists: In honor of National Coming Out Day, the Western Montana Community Center invites you and other rainbow friendly folks to meet and greet the board, and to share your ideas for the center at its annual town hall meeting from 2—4 PM in the large meeting room of the Missoula Public Library, E.

Car dealerships across the state have had to endure these swings and some of them have had to make significant changes to stay above ground.

Over the last five months co-owners Flanagan and Kevin Arnot have had to tap their creative resources and reinvent themselves to stay in business.

Welcome to the reinvented Flanagan Motors. Over the past few months Flanagan and Arnot have remodeled their showroom and tweaked their marketing message.

They also decided to take advantage of some natural line extensions that made sense for them. Flanagan Motors currently has eight used Harleys for sale.

There has also been a lot of news about credit markets lately. We have worked out a relationship with a lender that virtually guarantees anyone can get a car loan.

From service and maintenance requirements to challenging credit needs; whether you need a low mile preowned Harley-Davidson motorcycle or a modified Jeep that will offer you unparalleled off-road capability, the staff at Flanagan Motors wants you to remember them.

The future does indeed look bright to them, and they feel it should for you as well. Not all items on display at all locations.

Limited to stock on hand. Delivery available for an additional charge. Improvisational movement with others takes on a jammy vibe during contact dance improv, this and every Sun.

Musicians are welcome and encouraged. E-mail missoula contactimprov gmail. You too can practice guided, affirmative and visual meditation with others when Rev.

Euchre is one of those games that goes great with beer because you can tell what the cards look like even if your vision is a little blurry.

He points his middle finger at haters and rocks a mean haircut, so nail down some Kansas City hip-hop when Tech N9ne shoots through Missoula for the K.

Tour at 8 PM at the Wilma Theatre. Hear ye, hear ye: Learning Center, every Mon. Veterans can find support with trained facilitator Chris Poloynis every Mon.

Call to register. Kindergartners through eighth graders find a positive, stress-free environment after school at Two Creeks Bridges program which features play materials, art and more Mon.

Call to register or e-mail sarchibald dishmail. Hanna Hannan leads art projects, field trips, tours and more from 3—5: Soon-to-be mommas with bambinos in the oven can feel empowered, relaxed and nurtured during a prenatal yoga class, this and every Mon.

RSVP or visit tangledtones. Call KIDS to reserve a spot. Rejuvenate your mind and body from the Monday blues during a Vinyasa Yoga class this and every Mon.

Call Blair at Join online or call today. Make your impassioned point in whatever rented costume most fits the bill when the Missoula City Council meets—as they do the first four Mondays of every month, holidays excluded—at 7 PM in the Missoula City Council Chambers, W.

Call Susie at Open to all religions and levels of practice. Free, but donations appreciated. Bingo is no longer in the domain of the geriatric when Colin Hickey leads Colin Bingo at 8: Who says America never invented a pub sport?

Beer Pong proves them all wrong at the Office Bar, W. You can fight for peace in many different ways, but how about knitting for it? Find out when the group Knitting for Peace meets every Tue.

Toss out your 3. Call Land your next job with more than just luck during a resume and cover letter workshop from 3: Teens ages 13—18 stir their creative juices during Teen Media Club every Tue.

He is a two-time National Magazine Award winner. Beginners can try, but those more experienced might catch on quicker during Intermediate World Fusion Bellydance, which takes place every Tue.

Beginners can try, but those more advanced in the ways of clay should check an intermediate throwing class, which runs this and every Tue.

Buying a home may seem out of reach, but it sure seems like the best time to do it, so nab some info during First Time Homebuyer Classes in the Bitterroot every night from 6—9 PM today through Oct.

Call or e-mail matthew drumbrothers. A single bracelet does not jingle: Broadway, hosts weekly support groups for women every Tue. New group members with children are asked to arrive at 6: Follow your dreams of becoming the next Willie Nelson, and get buy-one-get-one-free drink tickets, during an open mic night every Tue.

E - m a i l m i s s o u l a democrats missoulademocrats. Francis Catholic Church, S. Whitefish musicians trade their skills for free drinks as the Great Northern Bar hosts Open Mic Night, which begins at 8 PM with an acoustic jam circle, heads into an electric set at 9: Call to reserve your spot.

The Downtown Dance Collective, W. Morning Melodies, a free, fun-filled, familyfriendly music event tailored to preschoolers, occurs every Wed.

Call Renee Taafee at for pricing. Engage that vessel in your skull with some stewardship related info when the Missoula Conservation Voters holds a Missoula Conservation Roundtable at the Missoula Public Library at Your afternoon break from the recession gets.

Rock those hips to classical and regional Spanish dance styles, as well as Flamenco, when Elenita Brown leads a Flamenco dance class this and every Wed.

Beer drinking moves beyond a social lubricant and into the realm of goodwilll during Pint Nite at the Northside Kettlehouse, N. Develop eloquence in the face of inebriation, as well as impressive business contacts, when Toastmasters meets this, and every, Wed.

Participants must be 18 and over. Should your pottery be functional, or aesthetically pleasing? Lovingly teach your kids self-control, values, good judgement and self-discipline during the class Ages Survival Guide: Gillian Kessler asks only that you embrace your inner diva as she fuses slick Brazilian moves with modern techniques for her AfroBrazilian Dance Class, which takes place every Wed.

Sandy Lawler holds a beginning country western two step dance class this and every Wed. BYO yarn and needles, and check out missoulaknits.

Call Rex at In case of emergency, break finger puppet: Family Storytime offers engaging experiences like stories, fingerplays, flannel-board pictograms and more at 7 PM at the Missoula Public Library.

The Pulitzer Prize Photographs with a lecture by Cyma Rubin, curator of the exhibit, plus a screening of the documentary Moment of Impact: Forget what those mainstream physi-.

Grab that tutu and slap on some ballet shoes every Wed. Release that mid and late week stress during Tai Chi Chuan classes every Wed.

Call Chris at You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but neither will help you emit that high lonesome sound every Wed.

Arabic eggplant dishes expel from your ears when locals Baba Ghanoush bring their old timey vibes to the Palace at 9 PM. Kids and parents experiment with rhythm and more during Rhythm Tykes, a class for kids 18 months—4 years old this and every Thu.

Breakdance, slamdance or just inventively dance when your 7- to 8year-old checks out Creative and Modern Movement, a dance class at 4: Put a smile on your face and a tune in your head—join guitarist Craig Wickham every Thu.

Broadway, from 5—7 PM. All genres are encouraged—excepting, perhaps, dancehall—every Thu. Gypsies come out during Troupe Night class every Thu.

Soak in art that deals with the experience of Asian Americans at internment camps in the s during Artini: Selvedge Studio, S.

Guys are welcome, but should plan on parting with a few bucks. Free, BYO plates, cups, utensils and a dish to share. Also bring seeds to swap.

Try your hand at fused glass pendants and decorate a slumped wine bottle to take home during an adult glass class for those 18 and up from 6—8 PM at the ZACC Gallery, N.

Apply online at www. Pop the champagne bottle and bring the kids: Dance with a cougar or two, or not, every Thu. Spiffy MySpace music pages translate into fanciful acoustic pop ballads for your ears when Sioux Falls, S.

Each exhibit delivers plenty of eye-catching goods and food for thought. Also, the next time Broad Comedy comes to town, go.

Those smart, sassy ladies are hilarious and pack a serious punch to established norms. So as you plan your next artistic endeavor, or comedic enterprise, Send your event info by 5 PM on Fri.

You can also submit stuff online. Well, the cold snap has finally arrived, the winds whipping through Hellgate Canyon and into every crevice of your body not covered by warm clothing.

While some may curse our passage into these seasons, with the return of overcast skies especially in Missoula , falling leaves and spine chilling temperatures, others find aesthetic beauty in such scenes.

Space is also limited, so act fast and contact the Wilderness Institute at wi cfc. The retreat starts Friday at 4 PM and runs until mid-day on Sun.

A Saturday-only option for the retreat runs from 8: Call Larry Weeks at Ritter is a rep from the Biomimicry Institute and will discuss the discipline, as well as the importance of looking at the world as model, measure and mentor.

And, before the week closes, make sure to scan or sell some sweet of the MWA at Expect a bison info sesh, a bison from 5—7 PM.

In the meantime, bundle up in the cool weather and keep dress up party, stories and an art project. Saturday is also an opportune time for the fowl freaks among gonna get colder from here on out.

Once the trip starts at a TBA time on Sat. Stony Mountain and Quigg Peak. You missed the pre-trip meeting on Oct.

This would not do. For the next half of the performance she proceeded to lead us in the art of audience rowdiness. A live band with piano, stand-up bass and drums scored the entire show under the warm glow of a spotlight.

They often became part of the banter when the MC chose to chide them. The bartender from The Silk.

On opening night, for instance, the MC happened to pick on a Bulgarian professor in the crowd who knew German fluently.

The MC started throwing out crass German phrases at the professor, and the professor came back with his own lines without missing a beat.

While Olson and Fehring had spoken in general about putting on the show, the actual rehearsal for production did-. And, it was a lesson well learned.

We wanted that racy sort of thing, but darker. Toward the end of the night, as the audience grew bolder, so did the music. Road restaurant walked through the audience taking drink orders for wine and beer as dancers in barely anything at all swaggered and high kicked.

The improv aspect of a cabaret makes it light, too, but it also makes it feel a bit dangerous. Lulls in onstage banter suddenly put the flow of the theatrics in peril.

You can often tell when something is unscripted, like when the MC mischievously steps onstage to ogle the unwitting dancers or when one of the singers spills her martini and stops mid-note to demand another.

As an audience member you must be prepared for confrontation. In this cabaret, at least, there is no inkling of a fourth wall. From the very beginning, that empty seat next to you is fair game for any of the performers who might pick you out as their personal prop.

When one of the performers steps off the stage and walks toward you, you truly feel invested in what happens next.

With so much improvisation and so many opportunities for the performance to diverge. For the next cabaret, Fehring has written some original songs to complement some of the classics.

By then, Olson hopes that the audiences will be ready to get a little braver. It was just plain, hedonistic fun.

If I like a band right now, it probably falls into one of three categories: Mikki Lunda has one of the best screams ever.

I want to hear The Deepsea Goes play Oraoneiroi—which is more like a single long performance than an album of distinct songs— in a basement crowded with people ducking light fixtures and low-slung plumbing to stand in a semicircle around the band and stare angrily at their shoes while shaking their heads ever so slightly, thus showing immense appreciation.

Eight reasons I have a crush on The Deepsea Goes: There are only two people in this band,. Twenty years since his last solo release and 30 since, arguably, his last quality release, the Spaceman returns.

With Anomaly, the original lead guitarist for KISS unleashes a record that few imagined would ever actually come out of orbit, let alone deliver the goods.

Most firstgeneration grrrl bands were pretty un-funny. So where was TacocaT when I was in high school? They just add a little more juice.

Cut out your implants. Usually he shouts, and sounds more California hardcore, which is okay too. I have no idea what he is saying, ever.

His sister, Janine, makes full use of her drum kit. They used to tour in a Toyota Corolla but it broke down.

They live in L. They like Greek mythology, or at least they like Greek words. They make noise, and it is heavy, but also spare. His Les Paul is all over the place; wobbly, soaring solos that inspired hundreds of shredders ever since he first smeared on grease paint and painted his hair silver.

Given the mileage, his voice and playing exceed all expectations. Finally, a record to flick a lighter and pump a fist to. Henry David Thoreau once wrote that unjust refuses to acknowledge the obvious clash of social laws should be broken.

Combine this directive values at play, instead making logging either a right with the belief that natural rights should apply to or wrong issue.

As one of the most passion and motivation—and not simply exciting vocal activists of his time, Roselle spent more than 30 anecdotes—come out, his story springs to life with years regularly engaging in direct sincerity.

Before that, however, he action and civil disobedience to sometimes comes across as an angsty protest the logging, mining and man with a tumultuous upbringing, drilling of the American West.

He and other Mike Roselle, also easy to wonder: Roselle eventualRoselle initially focused on war issues before ly started the Ruckus Society out of Missoula to train falling into ecological activism.

Police arrested other activists in creative confrontation. Yet, he only offers one answer In his 20s, Roselle worked on an oil rig in to a stressed environmental movement with no Wyoming before reluctantly joining up with the easy solutions.

And for that, he comes off as less Buckaroos—a group of Midwestern outdoorsmen of a true visionary and more as a stubborn man who wore cowboy hats and downed beers as they who refuses to expand his mind and move past organized to protect wilderness areas.

Soon, he was old tactics to potentially more effective strategies. At one Earth First! The group engaged in non-violent civil dis- anger that effected change, but rather the comobedience—blockades, lockdowns, corporate- mitment to creating change, the nobility of the boardroom invasions—to obstruct logging and suffering and the depth of the love for nature.

They are words spoken to Roselle by Brock Evans, a saw their greatest foe as the U. Forest Service, former leader of the Audubon Society: Before long Andrew is dragging Ben out to never spoken to me very deeply about the actual artsy boho parties, to the mounting irritation of the experience of being a teenager.

Especially not when I baby-minded Anna. The wonderful some boring old square—lets the bohemians cajole Adventureland is the first mass-market release in a him into a dare: I almost he reasons: Most teen and twentysomething movies, thing.

Generally for- al DIY pornfest organized by Seattle newsweekly mer nerds now in their 30s or older. No on-screen penetration is allowed.

These two things could easily be at odds, but ing who only want these men to grow up, straight- somehow they almost work together, and at any en up, quit wasting time with the guys and start rate the movie unfolds at such a leisurely pace that thinking about careers and babies.

Mainstream you never feel forced into accepting its concomedy as a whole seems to be aging, though, trivances too quickly.

The spot-on acting also helps moving through some grand cycle from the party a lot: Like the cooped-up young husband conclusion.

Unlike the writers of and peer over it for a long, revealing look at the teen movies, they can draw on current events in lonely person behind the artsy facade.

At Several contemporary currents in humor—awk- times I felt like I was watching closed-circuit TV wardness, pent-up family, Jud Apatow-style bro- footage of myself.

The movie opens with young freak or a giant pair of vibrating ovaries. It is the other too tired for the sex scheduled on her fer- hardly courageous.

Can he crash for a few days? Ben Humpday continues at the Wilma Theatre. The old buddy horseplay starts right. Stadium 14 in Kalispell: Mountain Cinema in Whitefish: GAMER Humans control each other not by wealth or political prestige, like in the real world, but through multi-player online games.

Nothing says foreplay like a Nokia ringtone. With lows in the single digits and daytime highs only into the low 30s, you'll be MUCH better off staying home and tying.

This radical shift into the deep freeze will be as negative for your prospects as the first sunny day after rain and clouds. Icy guides and probable slush flows on tap for the weekend should motivate you to get out there today and tomorrow if you can.

Mahoganies and baetis are the deal both on top and subsurface. Size 16 p-tails and either a purple haze or a cripple in a 14 or a 16 have been about the most consistent bugs for us.

The lower, slower sections have been particularly productive in this cooler weather and your best fishing will be from about 2 until 5.

The Blackfoot has actually been fishing. Capsule reviews by Ira Sather-Olson. Show times are good as of Fri. Show times and locations are subject to change or errors, despite our best efforts.

Stadium 14 in Kalispell— The slow moving streamers have begun to get into the fall groove picking up some really nice fish in the slower moving water.

There is also good dryfly action midday with comparaduns or parachute mahogany junk. Good numbers of baetis are coming off as well and keeping the fish looking up.

The red and pink San Juan worms or emerging royal wulffs for you tweed wearing purists are finally beginning to reclaim their former glory subsurface.

Bigger squirrel tails have also been particularly effective the past week or so. The next two days up here should be good. The next 2 days are the days.

The cold front that's moving in for real over the weekend will make for some miserable conditions on the local rivers.

Don't expect that to last, but for a few days, anyway, it's going to be less than special! Today and tomorrow, however, look to be like a good opportunity to whack some fatties on the surface with mahogany and baetis patterns.

The fishing's been good pretty. While most of the fish have been willing to rise for a variety of dries when they're looking up, the finicky pods have been waiting on button emergers and undersized cripples.

The streamer fishng in the mornings before the dries get going has also been productive with black, brown or olive offerings.

Tandem nymph rigs using smaller stuff like 16 p-tails or copper johns are taking fish too. If the risers bury their heads for whatever reason, the schroeder's hopper and an 18 p-tail dropper about 18" behind will prospect well for you.

You'll be amazed at how late in the season the schroeder's hopper for the nocturnal golden will be effective. Here comes the COLD!!!! Try to get out in the next day or two if you can because by the weekend, it's going to be UGLY with overnight lows in the single digits and daytime highs near or below freezing.

The upper river has been fishing the best lately and primarily with small mayfly nymphs. Thee can be some good midday dryfly. The fishing with tandem nymph rigs incorporating smaller mayfly nymphs in the size 16 to 18 range has been very good up here the past couple of days.

If you don't have time to do the drive to the top, don't despair, the lower river is still giving up fish, just not at the rate that the upper end is right now.

Well, it's going to be freakin' COLD!!!!!! At least you've got THAT going for ya! Things may get to clicking a bit more on the surface with the much less windy weather out there, but it hasn't been stellar up to this point by any means.

You should be able to take fish on dries, streamers and nymphs but so far, there's no home run recipe. The weekend is shaping up to be problematically cold.

Pool or poker anyone?? Record a voicemail greeting 4. That means the advertiser has a profile and maybe even a picture!

Free ads placed in this section are not guaranteed- to run every week. Be sure to renew your ad frequently to keep it fresh. Personals are for adults 18 or over seeking monogamous relationships.

To ensure your safety, carefully screen all responses and have first meetings occur in a public place. This publication reserves the right to edit, revise, or reject any advertisement at any time at its sole discretion and assumes no responsibility for the content of or replies to any ad.

Not all ads have corresponding voice messages. To review our complete guidelines, call In the Community Medical elevator; You: I'd like to take you out sometime, if you don't mind my limp.

Man saw Woman on October 5th. We could make sweet music together. Meet me by the Miles Davis on Tuesday.

Man saw Woman on October 1st. You were my waiter yesterday at The Shack. You were tall, dark-haired and handsome, and I ordered the huevos rancheros.

Lets have breakfast together sometime. Woman to Man on October 3rd. I was looking for a clock radio for my Dad at Target, and you helped me pick one out.

Woman to Man on September 30th. If a suspect is sighted, do not approach or attempt to apprehend them.

Clearwater River Steelhead Fishing. Book now for prime dates. Learn simple and effective energy techniques for self balancing, soul searching, healing and manifesting.

Space is limited you must RSVP. Please join Group for more info: Call x or x You may borrow humane traps from the Humane Society or from me to trap stray cats and get them to safety.

Subject to illnesses and injuries, they need our help. Spaying and neutering does not solve the problem for these creatures who must scavenge for survival and who need to get out of the cold!

Call the Humane Society to borrow a trap at or write to Phyllis for a free tip sheet on how to humanely trap stray cats: Box , Clinton, MT Digital camera in case.

Bike bike and other items found on spruce downtown. He is 4 months old. He has green eyes, is unaltered, and has thumbs and an extra rear toe.

Please call if you find him! Please call Pass It On Missoula. Visit the Western Montana Volunteer Center web site at www. We need volunteers for Thursday, October 8th — Apple pie assembly, baking and moving pies Saturday, October 10th — Apple day booths We are also in need of pint size, commercial mason jars with lids that are in good condition.

Donations will be greatly appreciated. For more information, please call Ravalli County Museum at Become a McKinney tutor! WORD is currently seeking volunteers to work with homeless and at-risk children, K-8th grade.

McKinney tutors are changing the world, one child at a time. Be a part of that change and call today! Contact Kimberly Apryle for further information x or visit www.

Talk with caring agency specializing in matching Birthmothers with Families nationwide. For questions call or email tom tomcatmull.

Guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bass lessons. Perhaps your apartment is too small, your landlord said 'no,' or you just don't have the time?

I'm telling you Wesley is the CAT for you! He nudges you like a Golden Retriever for lovins, he. Contempt of Court following a conviction for felony Common Scheme.

Call immediately for a FREE consultation. He must be a dog trapped in a black, fluffy kitty body! Come down to the Humane Society and meet Wesley, Tues.

N o Experience OK. Expenses Paid When you Travel. Earn more with the skills you have. Learn more of the skills you need.

In the Montana Army National Guard, you will build the skills you need for a civilian career, while developing the leadership skills you need to take your career to the next level.

Paid job skill training. Undercover shoppers needed to judge retail and dining establishments. Call Need Extra Income? Consider buying a small business.

Be your own boss! Call for possibilities in your area. Murphy Business and Financial Corporation at Want to serve Montana citizens? Positions are available for locations throughout the state.

Access the state job listings at: Send resume, cover letter, 3 references to: Local employer seeking a full-time Technical Services Technician to operate and maintain a Technical Services Department in a fast growing Nutraceutical manufacturing facility.

Will also assist in developing new solid dose capsule, tablet and powder formulas for the Nutritional Industry, assist in creating prototypes for new product formulations, maintain, set up equipment and weigh out necessary prototype materials.

Must also have a minimum of 3 years experience with product development. Must have strong organizational and interpersonal skills and be a self starter who requires minimal supervision.

Missoula Workforce Center Blue print reading and layout. Welding certification a plus. Work is Monday thru Friday 7: HS grads ages Electronics, engineering, communications, etc.

Great pay, benefits, vacation, regular raises. The individual will also have respite funds available.

Contact Sheila Thompson or Mary Malone for information. Russell, Missoula, MT Extensive background checks will be completed. Propane Gas company is seeking a part-time experienced Driver to work out of their Missoula branch.

Responsible for delivery of propane to residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural customer locations in an efficient and safe manner.

Provide exceptional customer service by supplying service information and answering inquires. Routine inspection and maintenance of vehicle and equipment.

Prepare and maintain records in accordance with regulations and company procedures and operate truck in accordance with established safety procedures.

Must be punctual and dependable. Requires High School Diploma or equivalent and years truck driving experience. Will be working mostly day shift and work days will vary.

Requires on call rotation for after hours and weekend emergency deliveries or response. Rate of pay is competitive and includes a comprehensive benefits package with k , Employee Stock, paid holidays, vacation, and bonus potential.

Benefits include vacation, K, health insurance. Complete programs and refresher courses, rent equipment for CDL. Financial assistance for qualified students.

Are you an enthusiastic, motivated, self-starter?

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